Benefits of Custom 404 Page

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Benefits of Custom 404 Page


You can find 404 pages with a simple broken link checker tool, if visitors clicks on broken links they will be redirected to 404 Error Page.This standard page  will let the visitors know that the link that they followed on could not be found. The worst thing is these pages can drive traffic away from your website. It will be a good habbit to check broken links regularly on your web site. You can schedule a reminder for it. It is better to fix broken links but we can actually make sales with this broken links. Customising a 404 page is simple if you have basic knowledge about HTML files.

  1. You can redirect visitors to subscription page, so your visitors can new offers and those things.
  2.  If you are looking after your website really good you can offer an apologize gift to them. 
  3. You can create a "Welcome" page and your visitors will feel more safe.

These are simple 3 example for custom 404 pages which effects your SEO score. Don't forget not to blame your visitors that they have found a broken link. You can create some funny pages or redirect visitors to your social media account.Remember we have free SEO score checker tool in our web page. If you want to increase your SEO score you should check your broken links regularly with our free broken link checker tool.

Most of CMS (content management systems) do this 404 Error Page optimising. Error page optimising is really good for website safety because it covers error messages. With uncovered error message your web page is in danger. Hackers can find way to hack your website if they see the error messages which doesn't have meanning for you.

If we sum up everything, custom 404 page is not only for your visitors. It is also good for safety. If you want to check your web site is safe please use our AVG antivirus checker tool.

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