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Link Analyzer is a powerful tool. It analyzes and investigates the URL of the web page. At the end of this investigation, the tool gives results in a table. In this table, you can both see internal and external links on the web page that you desired to investigate. The tool also allows you to export investigation results as .csv file. This investigation process is the part of the search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the unique process that to help you increase the traffic of your website. Traffic of your website is highly dependent on your content quality. To create a high-quality and search engine compatible content, you should pay attention to some rules. If you don’t follow the rules while you are writing an article, search engines probably detect your content as spam. Through this article, I am going to explain how you can avoid this situation.

Avoiding Spam Article

Today, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, it is not only search engine. There are other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yippy or Yandex. All these search engines are similar algorithms to detect spam contents. If you want your content is not detected as spam, you should follow some rules, as I said before. Creating this kind of article could be challenging since it is hard to pay attention to all rules while writing. Because of that, you should check your article after you write. Full Free SEO Tools offers more than 50 tools to its users to check their articles. Link Analyzer is one of these tools. Thanks to all these tools, you can easily check your articles for 100%! You should check your content in very simple steps. Full Free SEO Tools use interfaces that can be easily used by any user.

Other Reasons

Avoiding spam is an important thing. If your content is not spam, your website is ranked in higher place in user queries. On the other hand, this is not the only thing that you should pay attention to increase your website traffic. If you don’t create a useful and high-quality content, user won’t visit your website again even your website is not detected as spam. To increase the number of visitors, you should provide good content to users. Full Free SEO Tools offers tools like Link Analyzer to its users to help them while they are creating content for their blogs and websites. Search engine optimization is a serious process and it should be done carefully. Don’t forget, high-quality content is the key feature of the success of your website. Full Free SEO Tools is one of the best SEO tools providers on the market. For further information, please look at our website.