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If you want to create a website, there are several things that you should be careful. One of these things is search engine optimization process. This process helps you to create high quality content. Moreover, thanks to process, traffic of the website that you own significantly increase. Through this article, I’m going to explain why your website should be optimized for search engines and tools that you can use while you are optimizing your content. Full Free SEO tools offers more than 50 tools like Page Size Checker. Full Free SEO Tools offers these tools for 100% free! Thanks to our tools, you don’t need to worry about website traffic and quality of your content. However, search engine optimization or as known as SEO shouldn’t be considered as simple task. There are several important points that users should be careful about them. Here some of these points:


Today, most of the internet users are using search engines in order to achieve websites. These websites are ranked by a special algorithm that created by companies and algorithms are updated in periodic time intervals. Purpose of using algorithm is to give search engine users the most useful result. Algorithms are looks for some features of websites and make some analysis. According to the result of analysis, search engine algorithms are ranked your website in search engine query results. However, if algorithm detect your content as spam, your website may not be even ranked in query results. To avoid this, you should write your content by following the search engine content writing rules. Since there are many rules, you can be confused by the content writing rules. Full Free SEO Tools offers tools like Page Size Checker to its users in order to help them to optimize their content.

Why should I use tools?

This is one of the most frequent questions. Using the search engine optimization tools is not the only choice. There are many professional companies that can do the process for you. However, you need to pay these companies for the process. However, if you have time for this process, you can complete the process on your own by using search engine optimization tools. Full Free SEO Tools offers many tools to its users. Our tools have easy to use user interface. Any user can use our tools easily. Page Size Checker is defined as the sum of the file sizes for all the elements that make up a page, including the defining HTML file as well as all embedded objects. By using this tool, you can check the total file size of your website. Full Free SEO Tools offers the best tools for 100% free! For further information, please click on the other links that provided on our website.