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About Server Status Checker

Have you ever tried to reach a website and see the text like ‘404 not found’? Probably everyone experienced a situation like this. However, many people don’t know what it means. Through this article, I am going to explain what these text means. When you try to reach a website, actually you try to reach a computer called a server. However, servers may not be available all the time due to several reasons. If you want to understand why you can’t reach the server, you can use server status checker tool that is provided by Full Free SEO Tools. Full Free SEO Tools offers many solutions for your website for 100%. Thanks to our tools, you can solve many problems related to your website or blog. I’m going to mention the process called search engine optimization -as known as- SEO and why you should have done this process.

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Search engines are an important part of our life. If we want to search for something, we write the question directly search engines. In most cases, we find the results that we look for along the web pages ranked on the first page of search results. Success of search engines depend on the unique algorithms that they use. These algorithms scan websites and give users the most relevant results. Search engine optimization is the process that helps you by organizing your content. After this organization, your website will be ranked in higher orders. Search engine algorithm will detect your content as high-quality and relevant content for search engine queries. Full Free SEO Tools offers many tools like server status checker to organize your content on your own. There are many professional companies that help users to create search engine compatible content. However, by using our tools you can do it on your own!


As mentioned earlier, when you try to enter a web page, you try to access a special computer called server. Sometimes, users may not access the server because of several reasons. For instance, if you enter a URL, hit enter and after that you see a text like ‘400 Bad Request’, you need to understand that there are some problems with server and server do not understand your request. Thanks to server status checker tool, you can check the status of the server. Full Free SEO Tools offers many tools its users to solve the problems related with their website and optimize the website content. Our qualifies tools have easy to use interface. You can easily use our tools. To use the tool, the only thing you need to do is entering the URL that you want to check the status. Don’t waste your time and visit our website!