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Keyword Density Checker

Using this keyword density tool doesn’t facilitate fix your mistakes, however it will establish your mistakes therefore you'll build the suitable corrections. What’s distinctive concerning this keyword density tool is that you simply will enter a computer address or paste a writing, select the amount of keyword results to show, and the way several words per phrase (up to three words).

In a matter of seconds, your results can show and you'll see each the count and density beginning with the foremost often used words and phrases. (Keyword density could be a calculated share supported the amount of times a word or phrase is employed, compared to the word count for that page.)

Keep in mind that SEO components (including keyword density) should take a backseat to quality on your website or article. Otherwise, all SEO efforts square measure vainly as a result of solely pages that square measure attention-grabbing, entertaining , informational, or valuable in the other method can maintain a property presence in computer programme results.

However, it's even as necessary to use this keyword density tool and avoid the intense of over-optimizing or under-optimizing. whereas there aren’t any proved pointers set forth by Google for keyword density, you must keep your primary keywords between two and three, and secondary keywords (long tail search phrases) between one and a couple of.